Collab Proj 'The Monjeop'

The Monjeop (몽접) "The Butterfly Dream" symbolizes the integration of dreams and reality through the unification of the binary fashion of black (흑) and white (백) into a single pair of butterflies, representing the androgynous. 

Furthermore, the positional characteristics of the butterfly, covering the eyes, mouth, and face, signify the pursuit of an ideal persona that veils reality and chases fantasies. Simultaneously, it acts as an element that maximizes the fantastical nature. 

The meaningless nature of distinctions is encapsulated in the symbolism of butterflies, emphasizing the futility of separating black and white, and the simultaneous pursuit of both dreams and reality.

- Lus Jungsun -

Photographer: Lus Jungsun @lusphotostudio

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Yeonju Lee @yeonju_makeup

Model: YeongSeo Kim @slice_of_ys

Fashion Designer: HEEYONGHeE @heeyonghee_studio

Mag: FLANELLE @flanellemagazine

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