New York Fashion Week 2023 Fall - Winter Collection

HEEYONGHeE's first collection in F/W 2023 begins with the concept of spatialism by Italian painter Lucio Fontana (1899-1968), who was influenced by futurism.

Spatialism is an art movement that has led to the expansion of art ideas and the expansion of the area of expression through the act of tearing out canvases from traditional paintings.

Among them, design inspiration was applied to fashion design by obtaining it from the sculptural characteristics such as slash, holes, and oil paintings by Lucio Fontana.

In addition, it was designed through the research process of flat and developed Flat or Draped patterns and developed sewing techniques to visualize the sense of space based on the concept of spatialism,

and the results of the detailed design development process can be found in the collection.

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