Seoul Fashion Week 2024 Spring - Summer Collection

The theme of the 2024 Spring/Summer collection is 'My root,' which delves even deeper into the brand identity of HEEYONGHeE compared to previous seasons.
Restrained avant-garde and raw-minimalism, the brand's core philosophy, are revealed without any filters.
Two hidden keywords within 'My root' are the 'Hull' of a snake and the 'Black Iris' by the American female artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Certain organisms leave behind shells and traces as essential elements of their growth and development. Extracting meaning from this 'Hull,' we discovered a message of recording the past and undergoing growth and advancement through new challenges. This concept represents my origins, and I have incorporated various textiles into the collection by directly or indirectly revealing them through the metaphor of the snake's "Hull." Furthermore, the gaze, color palette, and expression of 

Georgia O'Keeffe's work have been translated into the colors, paintings, and silhouettes of this collection.
Starting with the theme 'My root,' HYH will leave traces each season, embarking on new challenges to grow and evolve continually.

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